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8:30am - 2:30pm

Burnaby North Secondary

Lunch options available for $5 (cash only)
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Brandon Yan & Gavin Somers represent Out in Schools, a program that recognizes the media as a powerful tool for social change and a marvelous teaching aid. They use film and video with facilitated group discussion to engage students across BC on issues of homophobia, transphobia and bullying. As an educational outreach initiative, the program seeks to raise awareness and advance the safety of learning environments for all youth.

Pathways to Success


Dr. Paula Rosehart is the Field Program Coordinator for the Graduate Diploma in Advanced Professional Studies in Education at Simon Fraser University. She holds a PhD, M.Ed., and a Graduate Diploma in Arts Education from SFU. Her research pertains to teacher education and, in particular, to the somatics of teacher education, arts-based classroom curriculum development, holistic education, play-based learning, and creative-aesthetic re-presentation of teaching and learning. Her engaging presentations infuse theory into classroom-based practice. Paula is passionate about lifelong, life-wide learning and about inspiring people to find their creative voice.


Dr. Justin Davis is a passionate science communicator & entrepreneur. Justin received both his PhD and MSc in Neuroscience from UBC. He earned his HBSc in cell biology from the University of Western Ontario. Justin combines his expert knowledge in the field of human neuroscience and love of teaching to help parents and educators understand best practices for educational development. Justin is committed to helping parents, teachers and students find the information and resources needed to get the most out of their students’ amazing brains.

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